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Sun Mar 18 20:55:50 2012 GMT: Multi-threaded epoll/kqueue

Mon Mar 05 23:17:44 2012 GMT: The Dream / Song of the Earth @ Royal Opera House

Fri Mar 02 23:00:37 2012 GMT: DNSSEC fully enabled for cmeerw.net

I have just been able to set a Delegation Signer (DS) record for cmeerw.net at the registry (cmeerw.org was already enabled a few months ago). This means that the chain of trust is now complete, see cmeerw.net @ DNSViz and cmeerw.net @ DNSSEC Analyzer.

Fri Mar 02 00:03:53 2012 GMT: Rusalka @ Royal Opera House

Just been to a performance of Rusalka at the Royal Opera House - and yes, the staging is ugly (also see here).

Mon Feb 27 21:14:28 2012 GMT: Future Outlook for Eurozone Economy @ London School of Economics

I have just been to a public lecture given by Ewald Nowotny at the London School of Economics about the Future Outlook for Eurozone Economy, although it was more of an overview of the current crisis than an outlook.

Sat Feb 25 17:17:05 2012 GMT: Photos from Kona, HI

I have now added some (and some more) pictures from my trip to Kona, HI for the ISO C++ Standards Committee Meeting.

Thu Feb 23 23:17:18 2012 GMT: Don Giovanni @ Royal Opera House

I have just been to a performance of Don Giovanni at the Royal Opera House.

Mon Feb 13 00:16:30 2012 GMT: C++ Standards Committee Meeting in Kona, Hawaii

Sun Jan 29 11:03:24 2012 GMT: Prokofiev @ Royal Festival Hall

Mon Jan 23 21:27:05 2012 GMT: The State of the World Economy in 2012 @ London School of Economics

Wed Jan 18 07:51:05 2012 GMT: La traviata @ Royal Opera House

Sun Dec 11 20:46:32 2011 GMT: Introduction to Databases


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