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Free Java & C++ ORBs

This page only lists a few selected free ORBs (must be free at least for non-commercial use), but tries to be specific about the supported features. For a plain list of ORBs please see Open Directory: Computers: Programming: Component Frameworks: CORBA: Object Request Brokers. Also have a look at my ORB news and announcements page.

ILU - Inter Language Unification

   author  PARC Xerox
   stable version  N/A
   development version  2.0-beta 1, ftp://ftp.parc.xerox.com/pub/ilu/ilu.html
   license  free
   language bindings  C, C++, Java, Lisp, Perl, Python, Scheme
   CORBA version  2.0 (no Interface Repository)
   protocols  IIOP/GIOP 1.0, HTTP, HTTP-NG, ONC RPC
   CORBA services  (Interoperable) Naming
   multithreaded  thread-per-connection
   mailing list  see ftp://ftp.parc.xerox.com/pub/ilu/ilu.html#mailinglists


   author  Gerald Brose et al.
   stable version  2.3.0, http://www.jacorb.org
   license  LGPL
   language bindings  Java
   CORBA version  2.3
   protocols  IIOP/GIOP, GIOP over SSL, HTTP tunneling
   CORBA services  Collection, Concurrency, (untyped) Event, (Interoperable) Naming, Notification, Trading, Transaction
   multithreaded  thread-pool
   mailing list  jacorb-announce, jacorb-developer


   author  Kay Römer, Arno Puder, Frank Pilhofer et al.
   stable version  2.3.12, http://www.mico.org
   development version  MicoCCM (CORBA Component Model)
   license  LGPL/GPL
   language bindings  C++
   CORBA version  2.4
   protocols  IIOP/GIOP, GIOP over SSL, GIOP over unix domain sockets
   CORBA services  (untyped) Event, Implementation Repository, Naming, Property, Relationship, Security, Streaming, Time, Trading
   multithreaded  reactive, thread-per-connection, thread-pool
   mailing list  see http://www.mico.org/FrameDescription.html#maillist


   author  AT&T Laboratories Cambridge
   stable version  4.1.1, http://omniorb.sourceforge.net
   license  LGPL/GPL
   language bindings  C++, Python
   CORBA version  2.6 (no portable interceptors, contributed Interface Repository)
   protocols  IIOP/GIOP 1.2, GIOP over SSL, GIOP over unix domain sockets
   CORBA services  (untyped) Event (contributed), (Interoperable) Naming, Notification
   multithreaded  thread-per-connection, thread-pool
   mailing list  see http://omniorb.sourceforge.net/list.html


   author  ExoLab Group and the OpenORB Community
   stable version  1.4.0, http://sourceforge.net/projects/openorb/
   license  BSD-like license
   language bindings  Java
   CORBA version  2.4.2
   protocols  IIOP/GIOP 1.2, bi-directional GIOP, GIOP over SSL
   CORBA services  Concurrency, Event, (Interoperable) Naming, Notification, Persistent State, Property, Time, Trader, Transaction
   multithreaded  thread-pool
   mailing list  see openorb-announce, openorb-dev, openorb-general


   author  Dick Porter, Elliot Lee et al.
   stable version  2.9.0, http://www.gnome.org/projects/ORBit2/
   license  GPL
   language bindings  C, (Ada, C++, Clean, Eiffel, Haskell, JavaScript, JOCaml, Lisp, Pascal, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, Tcl, VisualBasic)
   CORBA version  2.2
   protocols  IIOP/GIOP, GIOP over unix domain sockets
   CORBA services  (untyped) Event, Naming
   multithreaded  single threaded
   mailing list  see http://mail.gnome.org/mailman/listinfo/orbit-list


   author  Doug Schmidt et al.
   stable version  1.6 (http://www.cs.wustl.edu/~schmidt/TAO.html), 1.5a (http://www.theaceorb.com)
   development version  http://www.cs.wustl.edu/~schmidt/TAO.html
   license  free
   language bindings  C++
   CORBA version  2.4 (limited OBV support)
   protocols  IIOP/GIOP 1.2, pluggable protocols framework: GIOP over unix domain sockets, GIOP over SSL, GIOP over shared memory, GIOP over UDP
   CORBA services  A/V Streaming, (untyped) Event, Lifecycle, (Interoperable) Naming, Notification, Property, Security, Time, Trading
   additional services  Real-time Event, Scheduling, Load Balancing
   multithreaded  reactive, thread-per-connection, thread-pool (see Configuring TAO's Components)
   mailing list  see http://www.cs.wustl.edu/~schmidt/TAO-mail.html
   newsgroup  news:comp.soft-sys.ace

Recommended Books

If you are looking for good books about CORBA let me recommend these books (although they are neither free nor Open Content):

  • Michi Henning and Steve Vinoski. Advanced CORBA Programming with C++. Addison-Wesley, 1999, ISBN 0-201-37927-9 (@ amazon.de, @ amazon.com)
  • G. Brose, A. Vogel, K. Duddy. Java Programming with CORBA. Wiley&Sons, third edition, 2001, ISBN 0-471-37681-7 (@ amazon.de, @ amazon.com)

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