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LDAP Authentication for Drupal

This is still work in progress...

If you want to use LDAP authentication with Drupal, you currently only have the option of using Drupal's ldap_integration module. Unfortunately, the ldap_integration module is not part of the Drupal core and therefore might be out of sync with the Drupal codebase.

My LDAP authentication module doesn't provide any real LDAP integration, it merely implements LDAP authentication. One of the positive side-effects of this limitation is that it doesn't have any dependency on the Drupal code base other than Drupal's (well specified) protocol for distributed authentication - this means that the "drupal" module needs to be activated.

To install the module, you have to create a new VirtualHost in your Web server configuration and put the xmlrpc-ldap.php script in its document root directory (and rename it to xmlrpc.php). Now edit xmlrpc.php and configure LDAP_URL and LDAP_DN_FORMAT according to your needs.

Well, that's all. You can now login to your Drupal installation using user@server (server being the server name of your VirtualHost you installed xmlrpc.php in).



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