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Setting Up Subversion on Debian Woody

This is still work in progress...

Because Subversion currently depends on the latest released versions of some programs, setting it up on a stable version of a Linux distribution might not be that easy. I will try to give some instructions on how to set it up on Debian Gnu/Linux 3.0 (woody).

To facilitate the process of getting it running, I provide deb packages for db4.1 and neon, but I don't provide a package for Apache2 or Subversion itself.

First of all, install libdb4.2, libdb4.2-dev, libneon24 and libneon24-dev from my Debian page. Then make sure that you have libexpat-dev installed.

Now that you have installed the required library, you can get Apache 2.0.48 and compile it (it's best not to include any Berkeley db support in Apache itself, because you might run into version problems otherwise). BTW, I am using the following configuration options for Apache2:

./configure --sysconfdir=/etc/apache2 --enable-auth-anon --enable-auth-digest --enable-auth-dbm --enable-auth-cache --enable-auth-ldap --enable-ldap --enable-deflate --enable-http --enable-dav --enable-info --enable-cgi --enable-dav-fs --enable-rewrite --enable-so --with-ldap --with-dbm=gdbm --with-gdbm --without-berkeley-db

Having successfully compiled and installed Apache2, you can now proceed with Subversion itself. Unfortunately, current releases of Subversion expect that Apache has been built with Berkeley DB support, but as this leads to nasty DLL hell I advise against doing it. The workaround I am currently using is to temporarily edit the Apache "configuration" files bin/apu-config and include/apu.h:

Changes to bin/apu-config:

LIBS="-lldap -llber -lgdbm -ldb-4.2 -lexpat"

Changes to include/apu.h:

#define APU_HAVE_DB 1

Again, here are my configuration options:

./configure --disable-static --with-apr=/usr/local/apache2 --with-apr-util=/usr/local/apache2 --with-apxs=/usr/local/apache2/bin/apxs

Finally, you should now think a bit about authentication. As I am also running an LDAP server, I am authentication Subversion users against LDAP. The complete Apache2 configuration can be found on my Subversion server: httpd.conf.



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