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Using CIPE and OpenVPN on the Linksys WRT54G

First of you you should download the Linksys: GPL code which contains a ready to use cross-development environment for the WRT54g.

CIPE 1.5.4

Please note that these instructions are specific for CIPE 1.5.4. While the upcoming CIPE 1.6.0 release should be easier to build for the WRT54G I haven't had any success running it on the box. A quick and dirty patch for the CIPE 1.5.4 build files is available here. Apply it and then you can configure and compile CIPE:


ln -s crc32.c cipe/pcrc32.c
ln -s crc32.c cipe/kcrc32.c

CC=mipsel-uclibc-gcc ./configure mipsel-linux --build=i386-pc-linux-gnu --disable-pkcipe --disable-asm --with-linux=/home/cm/WRT54G/release/src/linux/linux


I know, symlinking crc32.c is a dirty hack. But the problem is that this module is used in the kernel module, the daemon and by crcgen. Therefore, it must be compiled with different compiler flags and probably even different compilers.


Please see the Wifi VPN Router project.



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