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The openwatcom.* Hierarchy

The main news server for the Open Watcom project is news.openwatcom.org, but the openwatcom newsgroups are also available at various other news servers (including Google Groups) and news server operators are encouraged to add the openwatcom hierarchy to their servers.

> checkgroups.txt (0 kB - Sat, 17 Nov 2012)
> control-openwatcom.txt (0 kB - Fri, 04 May 2007)
> pgp-openwatcom.asc (0 kB - Tue, 19 Dec 2006)

A checkgroups control message will usually be sent on the 4th of each month.

Admin Cancels

Due to the amount of spam some of the openwatcom.* groups receive (mainly via Google Groups), third-party cancel messages might be sent to clean these up (these cancel messages will be signed using the same PGP key as the control messages).

Bogus Groups

The following groups may be present at some sites or may occasionally appear in the "Newsgroups:" header. However none of them are currently regarded as legitimate openwatcom.* groups and should be ignored/removed:

> openwatcom.announce
> openwatcom.users.c_c++

openwatcom.* Newsfeed

Newsfeeds for openwatcom.* can be set up from newsfeed.cmeerw.net (more information) or from the main news.openwatcom.org server.

Public News Servers Carrying openwatcom.*

This is a list of news servers (that I am aware of) carry the openwatcom.* hierarchy and allow public access (either read-only for everyone or read/post after registration):

You can also check propagation of the openwatcom hierarchy at the newsgroup propagation search engine: search openwatcom.contributors.

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