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General Information on gcj

Recently, gcj (GCC's Java frontend) has become quite useable. In fact, it already supports most of the Java Language and the accompanying APIs. This page is based on my experience with the 2001-04-09 snapshot of gcj.

While compiling a JAR-file directly with gcj should work, it usually takes an awful lot of memory. Therefore, using a script to compile each .class-file individually will help those poor hackers who can't upgrade their memory (or don't want to afford it just for using gcj). Here (make-gcjlib) is a generic Makefile which facilitates the process of building shared gcj libraries.

getopt 1.0.8

see http://www.urbanophile.com/arenn/hacking/download.html

It seems that gcj doesn't currently support java.util.ResourceBundle correctly (or I just didn't get it to work). Here is a patch (java-getopt-1.0.8-gcj.diff.gz) which just hard-codes the English language messages into the source-code.

JavaDeps 1.1

see http://www.vet.com.au/java/javadeps/

gcj -o jdeps -pipe -O9 -fno-bounds-check --main=smr.JavaDeps.JavaDeps jdeps.jar

JGL 3.1.0 (Java Generic Library)

see http://www.objectspace.com/jgl/prodJGL.asp

zip -d jgl3.1.0.jar "com/objectspace/jgl/voyager/*"

concurrent 1.3.0

see http://gee.cs.oswego.edu/dl/classes/EDU/oswego/cs/dl/util/concurrent/intro.html

zip -d concurrent.jar "EDU/oswego/cs/dl/util/concurrent/misc/SynchronizationTimer*"

log4j 0.9.1

see http://jakarta.apache.org/log4j/

unzip log4j-full.jar org/log4j/helpers/RelativeTimeDateFormat.class
zip log4j.jar org/log4j/helpers/RelativeTimeDateFormat.class

JacORB 1.3.21

see http://jacorb.inf.fu-berlin.de

The distributed jacorb.jar contains some references to AWT and Swing classes which aren't supported by gcj. After removing those classes you also have to replace HTTPClient/DefaultAuthHandler.class with this AWT-free version: DefaultAuthHandler.class, DefaultAuthHandler.java.gz

zip -d jacorb.jar \
  "HTTPClient/BasicAuthBox*" \
  "org/jacorb/imr/util/ImRManagerGUI*" \
  "org/jacorb/imr/util/ImRModel*" \
  "org/jacorb/imr/util/ImRPOATableModel.class" \
  "org/jacorb/imr/util/ImRServerTableModel.class" \
  "org/jacorb/imr/util/ImRTableCellEditor.class" \
  "org/jacorb/imr/util/ImRTreeCellRenderer.class" \
  "org/jacorb/imr/util/RefreshWindow.class" \
  "org/jacorb/imr/util/AddServerWindow.class" \
  "org/jacorb/imr/util/ConnectWindow.class" \
  "org/jacorb/ir*" \
  "org/jacorb/naming/namemanager*" \
  "org/jacorb/orb/domain/gui*" \
  "org/jacorb/poa/POAMonitorImpl*" \
  "org/jacorb/poa/POAManagerMonitorImpl*" \
  "org/jacorb/poa/gui/beans/*" \
  "org/jacorb/poa/gui/pm/*" \
  "org/jacorb/poa/gui/poa/*" \
  "org/jacorb/util/CAD*" \
  "org/jacorb/util/CapsuleThread.class" \
  "org/jacorb/util/ThreadSystemProperties*" \

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