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Tools Used

These Web-pages have been created using Emacs (for the HTML editing) and The Gimp (for the few graphics on my pages).

Besides the real content, all my Web-pages have a common layout which is generated by a PHP script. So I can easily change the layout of all my pages by just editing one file.

Oh, and for publishing my Web-pages I use wget, a Python-script (for "compressing" the HTML-files), multifile-replace (for adjusting some hosting-specific HTML-code), and sitecopy.

Larger Documents

You might notice, that some larger documents on my Web-pages have a unique layout. These documents are written in SGML using the DocBook-DTD and they have been converted to HTML, PDF, DVI and RTF with Jade (OpenJade) using the Modular DocBook Stylesheets. For more information take a look at DocBook: The Definitive Guide by Norman Walsh and Leonard Mueller.


Currently these pages are hosted by bocombo.de.

You might also be interested in what Netcraft has to say about cmeerw.org.

Oh, edge.cmeerw.net is a virtual server from ip-projects.de. There are also two other virtual servers, loop.cmeerw.net and split.cmeerw.net.


cmeerw.org and cmeerw.net are currently registered via dynadot.com. I am running ns.cmeerw.net, ns2.cmeerw.net, and ns3.cmeerw.net myself, but also use ns1.incense.org as an additoinal DNS servers.


I am currently running a tiny news server, mainly for the openwatcom.* hierarchy.


As my mother tongue is German, some pages are in German and some are in English. I try to keep the important pages in English, but some are in German mostly because they are the result of a work for a lecture at university. To make your life a little bit easier, I provide at least a link for automatic translation (using SYSTRAN's translation service) on most pages.


Searching my Web-pages is done through atomz.com. They offer it for free for Web-sites with less than 500 pages -- they only force you to put their logo on the search-result pages.

Site Information


This Web page is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution - NonCommercial - Share Alike License. Any use is subject to the Privacy Policy.

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