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Wed May 02 14:00:35 2018 GMT: Perforce Acquires PRQA

Wed Mar 14 17:29:41 2018 GMT: ACME DNS Validation

Mon Jul 03 20:45:44 2017 GMT: HikingMaps for Tizen

HikingMaps is now also available in the Tizen Store for Tizen 3.

Sun Jun 04 18:44:44 2017 GMT: Berkhamsted to Tring Walk

Went for a walk from Berkhamsted to Tring, see GPS data and some pictures: here, here and here.

Sun Jun 04 18:43:13 2017 GMT: Galloway Camping Holiday

Been to Galloway for a few days of (wild) camping (around Loch Dee, Loch Trool, Merrick, Loch Finlas, Loch Doon). Also stopped in Carlisle before returning back to London. See my digital photo album for a few pictures.

Sun May 21 18:46:57 2017 GMT: Cotswolds Walk

Went for a walk in the Cotswolds from Kingham to Moreton-in-Marsh, see GPS data and some pictures: part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, and part 5.

Sun May 14 22:06:01 2017 GMT: Amberley/Arundel Walk

Went for a very nice walk from Amberley via Arundel, see GPS data and some pictures: here, here and here.

Sun May 07 18:14:35 2017 GMT: Long Man of Wilmington Walk

Sun Apr 30 10:43:20 2017 GMT: Baldock - Royston Walk

Sun Apr 23 09:48:31 2017 GMT: Beaconsfield - Gerrards Cross Walk

Fri Apr 14 19:14:07 2017 GMT: Cheddington - Leighton Buzzard Walk

Mon Apr 10 20:40:31 2017 GMT: Biggleswade Walk


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