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Ifcico-3.0.cm Compatibility Sheet

Mailer Dialin Dialout
ifcico version 2.x/3.x OK OK
BinkleyTerm version 2.50 EE/Beta E OK
BinkleyTerm version 2.60 OK
BinkleyTerm version 2.60 XE Gamma 5 2 OK
CantaLoup version 0.78/WB1 1
CantaLoup version 0.79/WB1 OK
CantaLoup version 1.01 OK
CrossPoint/XP-FM OK
FIPS+ CAPI32 version v0.98/04 OK
FIPS+ NT/W95 version v0.98/04 OK
FrontDoor OK
InterMail version 2.29k/Multi-Line OK
Maindoor 1.10 Gamma6 OK
McMail version 1.0/SW OK
McMail version 1.0g5/SW 1
Portal of Power version 0.62b/286 OK
Terminate version 1.51 OK
Terminate version 4.00 OK
Xenia Mailer version 1.98 DOS/Eval OK
some EMSI handshake problems exist
make sure 'EMSIBanner' isn't used

Many thanks to Roland Rosenfeld and Andreas Braukmann for the list.


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