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What is it all about?

Ifcico stands for "Internet - Fidonet Copy In / Copy Out", which is a FidoNet(r) compatible transport agent. Currently it supports FTS-0001, YooHoo/2U2 and EMSI handshake protocols, Xmodem, Telink, Modem7, SEAlink w/overdrive and crash recovery, Bark file and update requests, WaZOO protocols: DietIFNA, plain Zmodem (aka ZedZip, EMSI flag "ZMO"), ZedZap and Hydra, WaZOO file and update requests (nodelist flag should be XA). Password protected requests are not implemented. There are plans to implement Janus protocol in the future.

There is also a special protocol optimized to use over TCP/IP connection, contributed by Stanislav Voronyi, it is identified by EMSI proto code TCP (not registered).

Outbound directory structure is BinkleyTerm compatible, with domains and point subdirectories (full 5d). There are separate "listed" and "protected" inbound directories for the incoming sessions with the nodes present in the nodelist(s) and with nodes that have a password assigned respectively.


  • code based on unofficial ifmail-3.0 (by Eugene Crosser) which improves i/o-handling over ifcico-2.x
  • Hydra protocol support mostly done
  • some EMSI-II code
  • better nodelist indices
  • integrated tx8.7 patches
  • integrated ifmail 2.14 patches
  • released with full source code


Get the latest version of ifcico-3.0.cm (alpha-4.1).

Diffs from previous versions

Operating system specific packages

Do you want more information?


Many thanks to A. Hofmann for making it possible to work on ifcico during his lecture Spezielle Anwendersysteme I

If you like helping me on improving or beta-testing ifcico send me an e-mail message.


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