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A One Paragraph Description of CORBA

CORBA is a distributed object computing middleware standard that allows clients to invoke operations on remote objects without concern for where the object resides or what language the object is written in. In addition, CORBA shields applications from non-portable details related to the OS/hardware platform they run on and the communication protocols and networks used to interconnect distributed objects.

by Douglas C. Schmidt, Re: What is Corba about ?. February 16, 2000, comp.object.corba: <88emai$1kr@tango.cs.wustl.edu>:


As I don't want to provide just another CORBA link-page anymore, most links point to the relevant categories of the Open Directory Project. I think it's far more useful to have one well-maintained Web-directory instead of many individual link-lists spread across the whole Web. Therefore, I will try to contribute to the relevant categories of the Open Directory Project in the future instead of maintaining this Web-page.


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