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Mon Nov 10 20:00:23 2008 GMT: Webdav Backup Scripts

Sun Nov 02 10:31:00 2008 GMT: mydisk.se

Tue Oct 28 21:05:22 2008 GMT: AOL Shutting Down XDrive and AOL Pictures

After an e-mail about AOL sunsetting XDrive and AOL Pictures leaked in July, AOL has now officially announced that it will shut down XDrive and AOL Pictures at the end of the year. Although there are quite a few Web based storage services, XDrive was unique in providing the most comprehensive API of these services.

Tue Oct 28 20:57:45 2008 GMT: Snow

So the first snow of this winter has arrived in Swindon today...

Wed Oct 15 17:25:17 2008 GMT: lua embedded into exim

I have added support for embedding lua into exim. This is a more lightweight alternative to the already existing support for embedding Perl. If you think this is useful, you can find a patch and a .deb package for Ubuntu hardy heron on my .deb packages page.

Sun Sep 28 13:12:19 2008 GMT: London and Avebury Photos

After a wet summer, we are now at least able to enjoy a sunny September - meaning I have been able to take a few pictures: London: British Museum, London: Thames Festival, London at night and Avebury.

Sun Sep 28 09:03:23 2008 GMT: Mozilla Newsgroups

Looks like Mozilla got it completely wrong with their newsgroup setup. On Mozilla Development Forums they state that "The mozilla.* hierarchy is a local news hierarchy only available through news.mozilla.org and is not propagated to other Usenet servers. This is by design, in order to both help eliminate spam and provide slower lag time between posts and replies without having to wait for propagation", but also "We do share them with Google Groups to provide a web access method and archiving."

As Google Groups is by far the biggest source of spam on Usenet today, you already get all their spam, and propagating the hierarchy wouldn't make much difference spam-wise. In terms of propagation delay, this is nowadays usually within a second or two, so that doesn't apply either.

Mon Sep 22 19:10:03 2008 GMT: Web site migration

Sun Sep 07 16:52:22 2008 GMT: SIPFwd 0.6

Sun Aug 31 16:48:07 2008 GMT: Facebook application turns users into attackers

Sat Aug 30 08:36:59 2008 GMT: Domain Transfer

Sun Aug 24 13:31:10 2008 GMT: Twinkle 1.3.1 and slrn 0.9.9 Ubuntu packages


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