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Sun Dec 21 10:21:31 2008 GMT: Server Migration

Mon Nov 17 20:29:55 2008 GMT: New Scientist Redesign

Mon Nov 10 21:22:00 2008 GMT: Seeing telecom data retention as an opportunity

An article in The Independent has spread lots of confusion on what data the UK government plans to collect and store. But it suggests that "many smaller ISPs would be unaffected by the "black boxes" as these would be installed upstream on the network".

In my opinion this is a great opportunity for smaller ISPs - it's in their hands to protect their customers data just by ensuring that they are using proper data encryption in their systems. SSL/TLS encryption for SMTP sessions is easy to implement, but unfortunately hasn't been widely adopted yet as I have previously pointed out.

Mon Nov 10 20:00:23 2008 GMT: Webdav Backup Scripts

I have put together some backup scripts for automated nightly backups to mydisk.se (or any other webdav accessible space). These scripts can do on the fly encryption (by piping the files to be backed up through mcrypt) and keep a configurable number of older versions around on the remote site.

Sun Nov 02 10:31:00 2008 GMT: mydisk.se

While looking for an alternative to my XDrive account, I noticed that mydisk.se offers 2 GB of free WebDAV space. This definitely is an interesting deal, although I am a bit worried about their business model.

Tue Oct 28 21:05:22 2008 GMT: AOL Shutting Down XDrive and AOL Pictures

After an e-mail about AOL sunsetting XDrive and AOL Pictures leaked in July, AOL has now officially announced that it will shut down XDrive and AOL Pictures at the end of the year. Although there are quite a few Web based storage services, XDrive was unique in providing the most comprehensive API of these services.

Tue Oct 28 20:57:45 2008 GMT: Snow

So the first snow of this winter has arrived in Swindon today...

Wed Oct 15 17:25:17 2008 GMT: lua embedded into exim

Sun Sep 28 13:12:19 2008 GMT: London and Avebury Photos

Sun Sep 28 09:03:23 2008 GMT: Mozilla Newsgroups

Mon Sep 22 19:10:03 2008 GMT: Web site migration

Sun Sep 07 16:52:22 2008 GMT: SIPFwd 0.6


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