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Projektpraktikum - CORBA


  • Projektpraktikum CORBA: CORBA: HTML, PDF, DVI, RTF
  • Projektpraktikum CORBA: TSE Design (leider nicht öffentlich verfügbar)
  • Projektpraktikum CORBA: Abschlusspräsentation: PDF
  • omniORB-Patch für Thread-per-Request Modell: diff für omniORB3-19991112


In my project work I describe (and partly implement) the conversion of an application from an application specific TCP-based protcol to a CORBA-based approach. The application consists of a Javascript/HTML-based GUI in Netscape Navigator and a C++ server for hardware interaction.

The resulting CORBA-based solution makes use of the POA (Portable Object Adapter) for on-demand servant activation and the CORBA Typed Event Service for asynchronous event notification. I have chosen ORBacus 4.0 (alpha/beta) and/or omniORB 3.0 (pre-alpha) for the C++ part and JacORB for the Java-Applet part. As omniORB only supports a thread-per-session multithreading model, I have developed a small patch which partly implements a thread-per-request model for omniORB.




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