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Sun Apr 26 18:45:55 2020 GMT: Tizen on Orange Pi PC

Mon Apr 20 19:02:27 2020 GMT: SIGCHLD si_pid Linux kernel bug

Sat Feb 29 23:41:48 2020 GMT: Rock Pi S Review

Got a $20 voucher code for a review of a Rock Pi S SBC. Although the cost of the board is only $13.90, with shipping at just over $8, it's a bit over $22 in total. When the board arrived, I did actually wonder if shipping could have been made a bit more economical by not putting the tiny board into a huge box (175 mm x 115 mm x 95 mm) which had a plastic case (70 mm x 50 mm x 25 mm) with the board in it.

Anyway, two things to note about the board are that the serial console uses 1.5 Mbps (which is different to the more common 115200 bps used by other boards), and uses a USB Type C connector for power (like the Raspberry Pi 4, but unlike older SBCs).

Downloading the Ubuntu image and writing it to a SanDisk Ultra 16 GB MicroSD card seemed to work fine to get it to boot. One thing I did notice was that the SSH server keys seemed to have been written to the image and not regenerated on first boot. The other thing to be aware of is that the kernel being used is fairly old (4.4.143) with mainline kernel support only starting to appear now.

One thing that appears strange to me is that total memory is only shown as "MemTotal: 432280 kB" - I am not entirely sure what this isn't (much) closer to 512 MB.

Finally, power consumption seems to be quite good. With WiFi turned on, but otherwise completely idle, my USB tester shows the device using only around 0.2 W. Doing a "ping" and it will go up to around 0.36 W. Reading from the MicroSD card also uses around 0.4 W. Keeping all 4 cores of the CPU busy and power consumption goes up to around 0.85 W.

Thu Oct 10 17:48:58 2019 GMT: kmscube Running on Orange Pi PC with Mainline Kernel

Managed to get kmscube running on my Orange Pi PC with a mainline Linux 5.3 kernel and an updated mesa package from Ubuntu's ubuntu-x-swat PPA. The amazing thing is that it's all just mainline now, no board-specific patches needed. Interestingly, a Raspberry Pi 3 still needs a kernel built from its own branch to get that level of hardware support.

On a slightly related note I have been looking at what level of support I get for my ODROID-C1 now. Unfortunately, there is still no HDMI output and no USB OTG support. Interestingly, HDMI output does work on NetBSD.

Fri Apr 19 19:51:15 2019 GMT: Outdoor Maps in Galaxy Store

My Outdoor Maps app for Samsung Gear/Galaxy watches has finally been approved in the Galaxy Store.

Sun Dec 23 10:59:23 2018 GMT: Adding CircleCI builds

Just added CircleCI builds to my greylstd and SIPFwd projects.

Sat Jul 21 09:57:47 2018 GMT: Roundup running on Python 3

Following last week's upgrade of my Roundup instance to 1.6.0, I have now applied the Python 3 patches from issue2550960 with a few more fixes available in my py3-cmeerw branch and now have both wg21.cmeerw.net as well as issues.cmeerw.org working with Python 3.

Thu Jul 19 06:43:19 2018 GMT: Roundup Updated for wg21.cmeerw.net

Wed May 02 14:00:35 2018 GMT: Perforce Acquires PRQA

Wed Mar 14 17:29:41 2018 GMT: ACME DNS Validation

Mon Jul 03 20:45:44 2017 GMT: HikingMaps for Tizen

Sun Jun 04 18:44:44 2017 GMT: Berkhamsted to Tring Walk


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