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Sat Jul 21 09:57:47 2018 GMT: Roundup running on Python 3

Following last week's upgrade of my Roundup instance to 1.6.0, I have now applied the Python 3 patches from issue2550960 with a few more fixes available in my py3-cmeerw branch and now have both wg21.cmeerw.net as well as issues.cmeerw.org working with Python 3.

Thu Jul 19 06:43:19 2018 GMT: Roundup Updated for wg21.cmeerw.net

wg21.cmeerw.net got a major update with Roundup being updated to 1.6.0 and the template converted to being based on jinja2 which should make it more friendly to mobile devices.

Wed May 02 14:00:35 2018 GMT: Perforce Acquires PRQA

Clearlake Capital-Backed Perforce Adds Enterprise-Grade Source Code Analysis to its Portfolio With Acquisition of PRQA

Wed Mar 14 17:29:41 2018 GMT: ACME DNS Validation

I was looking at modifying acme tiny to support DNS-01 validation with a custom PowerDNS backend just a few days ago (in my case to get certificates for an XMPP server where there isn't a corresponding HTTP server or the HTTP server is hosted on a different machine). This work is available from Subversion: pdns-acme-backend.

Interestingly, I am just reading that Let's Encrypt is now supporting wildcard certificates that need to be validated using the DNS-01 challenge type.

Mon Jul 03 20:45:44 2017 GMT: HikingMaps for Tizen

HikingMaps is now also available in the Tizen Store for Tizen 3.

Sun Jun 04 18:44:44 2017 GMT: Berkhamsted to Tring Walk

Sun Jun 04 18:43:13 2017 GMT: Galloway Camping Holiday

Sun May 21 18:46:57 2017 GMT: Cotswolds Walk

Sun May 14 22:06:01 2017 GMT: Amberley/Arundel Walk

Sun May 07 18:14:35 2017 GMT: Long Man of Wilmington Walk

Sun Apr 30 10:43:20 2017 GMT: Baldock - Royston Walk

Sun Apr 23 09:48:31 2017 GMT: Beaconsfield - Gerrards Cross Walk


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